Passionate about contemporary smooth jazz music, Jin Jeans Productions has been presenting quality musical entertainment in the region since late 2005.  Opening as a supper club in the garden district of New Orleans. Jin Jeans Productions gave many local artists and musicians a venue to perform their art after hurricane Katrina.

Were thrilled to bring our “Smooth Jazz” Concert Series to The People’s Health Jazz Market, one of New Orleans’ newest entertainment venues in 2016. This unique jazz experience blended together nationally renowned jazz artists with local New Orleans musicians for an exciting fusion of contemporary jazz, Big-Easy style.

Jin Jeans has proudly featured national recording artists, including Grammy award winner Nick Colionne, Grammy award-nominated trumpeter, Lin Rountree; pianist extraordinaire Brian Simpson, and Elan Trotman, master saxophonist. We showcased one of the most amazing violinists, Ms. Karen Briggs and closed out the series with and electrifying and energetic saxophonist, Marcus Anderson who has performed with the late legendary Prince. These accomplished artists were amazed by the incomparable talent of the New Orleans musicians who shared the stage with them, including the likes of Charles” Chuckie C” Elam, Darrell Lavigne, saxophonist and emcee, Dave Badie and “Speaker Box Experiment" led by Nick Mercadel who we feel is the best house band in the country. Jin Jeans is committed to providing quality jazz entertainment that showcases local talent while exposing them to national and international recording artists. The results have been phenomenal, attendees at the concert series were entertained while engaging on a personal level with the performers. Prior to concert series, Jin Jeans brought “The 985 Dance Party to The Northshore Harbor Center in Slidell, Louisiana.

Jin Jeans Productions is dedicated to strengthening the local music culture while preserving its New Orleans ‘heritage, by promoting contemporary smooth jazz at its best! We believe that by fostering relationships between national and local jazz musicians, we can provide a unique entertainment experience for the entire region.

Wil Bias, Principal of Jin Jeans Productions says, “Fulfilling the passion and love for contemporary jazz music while helping my community has always been my goal. I’m fortunate to work with a great supporting team. I believe that when you find your passion and put in the work, the results will be favorable. Continuing to introduce and expose national and international artists and musicians with local artists and musicians creates unique fusion of music that is motivational and educational is truly gratifying.”

Sincerely yours,

Jin Jeans Productions

Jin Jeans Productions Would Like To Thank Those Helping To Make This Event Possible!